ICSIS Platform Information:

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HPE rx2800-i2 Server

Hardware Information

Platform HPE rx2800-i2 Server (Itanium2 9340 - Tukwila)
4 hyper-threaded cores (OpenVMS sees 8 CPUs)
64 GB of DDR3 DRAM
four 1 Gb Ethernet NICs
vendor specs
6 spindles (HP SAS 300 GB)
mediated by an SAS Cache Module (500 MB)

Software Information

OS HPE OpenVMS-8.4-1100 (not a flavour of UNIX)
second sourced by VMS Software Inc
download a totally legal free copy of: UNIX Haters Handbook (pdf - 3.4 MB)
1. vendor specs (HP/HPE)
2. vendor specs (VSI)
2. OpenVMS FAQ (pdf - 1.00 MB)
IP-Stack MultiNet-5.5 1. www.process.com
WebServer HP Secure Web Server, Apache/2.0.65 (OpenVMS) , OpenSSL/0.9.7d 1. vendor specs
2. www.apache.org
Data 1. Approximately 50% of our data is stored as in RMS (a proprietary ISAM technology)
2. The balance is stored in MariaDB (an alternate fork of MySQL)
1. vendor specs (RMS)
2. MariaDB general info
Languages DEC-BASIC, DEC-C, DEC-C++, JavaScript (libraries: jQuery, AngularJS), DCL
gSOAP "Simple Object Access Protocol" on OpenVMS
Note: gSOAP is used by Bell-ATS on ICSIS
1. Specs: Various
2. Specs: OpenVMS (a)
3. Specs: OpenVMS (b)